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**DeSPitE EveRyThiNg y0u d0 t0 mE

I sTilL l0ve y0u m0re thAn aNytHiNg

Geena Caitlin
17 December 1991
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My name is Geena Caitlin Phipps. I live in Clintwood, Virginia. I am still in middle school, but it's my last year! woot-woot. I have a sis and a step bro and a step mom, but they're jus as good as tha real ones. I'm a crazy hippie chick that is jus fun to be around, comment if ya feel tha love! <33

There's always gonna be a guy that u think about constantly and love to death... and wish that u were with him every second of every minute of every hour of every day and never wanna let him go. And the guy you think about when u fall asleep and dream about him every night, of u being with him and him being with you.And when you wake up u wish he was really true...

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Date Created:2005
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My name is Geena caitlin. I am a fun crazy girl, jus wanting to find the best in and out of everything. I AM ME
Strengths: I used to be strong, untill I got broke in a zillion pieces
Weaknesses: I have a lot, I get very agrivated very easily... I can't stand things being out of tha way I have them fixed.
Special Skills: I can touch my tounge to my nose! ;)
Weapons: MY HANDS!
mine: I love to sing and dance in tha rain! music.music.music

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