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**DeSPitE EveRyThiNg y0u d0 t0 mE [entries|friends|calendar]
Geena Caitlin

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Very long time [Saturday
1:33pm 27th]
[ mood | bored crazy ]

Hey. I havn't been on this thing in forever, my myspace isn't working for me right now so I figured, why not see what all's been goin on since I last updated. Well the 16th my dad got out of jail, yea hes a big murderer. haha, nah. He wouldn't hurt a fly.  Me, rikki, and liv havn't hung out since summer.  I don't really know why but ever since lin and steven has been datin we havn't done much of anything. Summer '06 was the best that summer ever has been for me. So many new things happened and I wouldn't change a bit of it.  Me, MAg and Kristen all hang out though. We've become closer than ever. And I don't know what I'm gonna do whenever Kris moves, cause then I cant just walk across the road to see her. 
I guess I need to use this thing more often because It really helps. And plus Margaret read my diary that I have at my house. And now it jus doesn't feel the same to write in it. I can't believe that she read all of it. That's just screwed up. And now that dads out I thought things would be a little better, but not really, he can be just like margaret, it's in the genes I guess =]
But I think I've wrote about enough. If you have any questions, just ask. I love you guys that still read these things. --Geena

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Get out of my Business [Saturday
1:45am 2nd]
[ mood | tired ]

If you're not my friend than dont get on here and read this shyt and make fun of it...stay out of my freakin business. I don't put this crap on here to have ppl " cough, cough HANNAH " start sayin shyt and makin up rumors about me. All that was said in the last entery was nothing like the things everyone says them to be. Damn me and trey are friends And hell we aint even really friends. Why would ppl even make rumors that I liked him. He's too damn good for me anyway...Practically this whole town, so people get ur long ass noses out of shit, Why do you want to make everything drama?

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My weekend! [Sunday
3:55pm 20th]
[ mood | Yay! ]

Welp, This weekend was REALLY fun!!!! Friday I rode the bus to Rikki's house and got ready to go meet beth, Liv's mom, at the highschool so her and her dad could take us to Honaker for the game...Well as you all prolly kno...WE WON!! haha, but anyway me and rikki hung out with gav, and tanner the whole time, and that night was fun 'cept all liv did was talk on the phone with steven. And then Saturday we got up and started gettin ready for the fair bc we had to do a lot of stuff before we went. WE got there and me, rik, and liv went and ate at Little Mexico. ANd it staryted pouring the rain! So0o00 we all decided to go bowlin and to the movies instead. When we got there, Wes Cameron, and trey were there. So we hung out with them the whole time, it was so much fun. We only bowled two games Liv won the first game by two points and I won the second game by eleven lol.....Then we told the guys that we were goin to the movies. And they decided to come with!!! We went and seen "Pulse" which was real good I guess if it hadn't have ended like it did...This was how we sat, I'm really bored so I'll go in to details lol...Startin at the end it was rikki, wesley,olivia, me, trey and then cameron, cameron was like near the wall in other words lol
Trey sat beside me and guessed the whole movie all the way through it lol, and I only got freaked out big time like once and he was lookin through the eye whole and I knew somethin was gonna happen, but right when it did liv grabbed my hand so tight it made me jump and I could feel my heart beat in my wrist, They go..Thats why they call it pulse...and I kinda put my head down in trey's shoulder and they were makin fun  of us the whole time, and then when the movie was over all of us had to wait on rikki's mom and dad to get out of the other movie for about 45 minutes and it was like 11 o'clock when we got out so it was dark and everyone kept on freakin us out, but it was really fun...so comment on this since I made it so detailitive lol!!!!!!!!!! hate ya haha, love ya

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4-H camp [Wednesday
9:02pm 19th]
[ mood | blah ]

someone told me to update so I thought I would, I guess it was about time for me to anyway.I have been so busy lately...everything's been crazy, my dad moved, not far away, in glade...where I was practicaly raised up & like 5 minutes away from chilhowie.But anyway last week was camp and as usual I had tha best time. It was real fun, we went with lee county which was good cuz me and my old buds got to hook up again. And I met some NEW friends which am so happy,and net year I guess I'll try to be a CIT. But Olivia don't really want me to be since she'll still be a camper and all. I'm at her house right now, I'm either always with her rikki or nikki. Constance called me about a month and apologized, I didn't say much back, but I knew if I did things would get even worse. me and alex made up so now we're friends again which is good, instead of being enemies. Karla still hates me I reckon and me rikki and liv and nik are real best buds, and nikki and jamie are still datin so thats good, and everyone is still trying to hook liv up with a certain someone...but thats about it I reckon, any questions...just ask. ♥♥♥Geena

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5:18am 26th]
This is the poem that fits mt depression tha best*

Hot tears run down my cheeks,
drip from my face
mix with the blood on my wrists
your not sorry
you havent noticed

sitting here razor in hand
snow-white scars criss-crossing my arms and wrists
you dont look

my mood changes
im dark, silent,
where there used to be bright, and cheerful
boots replace sandals
black replaces pink
and pants are worn no matter what the weather should be
u gave me the money to change myself, no questions asked, maybe u should listen to me
just once

Your dress is all festive
as you leave this house
your perfume like the flowers
the flowers you'll leave on my grave
you'll never know the silent tears i've shed
shed because of you
i say goodbye, like a million times before
but tonight is different

tomorow you'll find me on the bathroom floor
this note clutched in my hand
I hope you enjoy your life without me
i know you will
so long
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12:55pm 21st]
[ mood | bored ]


  HEre's some shout outs, all I really have time for

Ol*v*a --- foot in mouth and "oh it is"

n*kk* --- bathroom at the bowlin alley, haha

r*kk* --- colors and hearts lol, that was hilarious

and really that's all the real close friends I have... But I love them

<3 Geena~Caitlin

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5:44pm 12th]
[ mood | cold ]

sorry that I havnt' been on in a while. I got a myspace and I don't get on here much anymore, sooooooooooooo if you don't have one get one and add me :) and if you do have one add me anyway! *** Loves....nothin much lately really, alex moved and I'm hangin wit rikki at her house right now and thats about it for now, If ya have any questions feel free to ask------Geena17<3

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my dad's wedding! [Wednesday
12:46am 7th]
[ mood | thirsty ]

  Well This weekend my dad got married! YAY  and I am so glad that it is someone that I love. Kristi is the awesomest stepmom anyone could have. So now I have a stepbrother that is turning 5 years old next week, his name is Evan and he's the cutest thing ever was. Omg, the other day he satrted singing " My humps" and I started diein laughin.... But anyway, they got married in the courtyard behind the Tavern (this bar in abingdon lol)* And it was so great, then we went to TCBY and OMG that was wonderful... I got a golden vanilla yogurt with extra sprinkles on it. YUM-YUM.....but thats about my weekend and It wasn't all that good of one cept I finally got to see my dad. But thats about it so leave me some comments and I'll tell ya more....-----------------------------------------------PEACE------------------------------------------gEeNA****

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11:13pm 2nd]
[ mood | lifes shit ]

welp I'm pissed...  because all this world is filled with is biotches and backstabbers and liars and fakes and whores and sluts and 2faced ppl and I think this is just it for me. Alex is bein the biggest asshole in the world and I seriously wish I had never met him again, I know that some of the times that we had together were great,but not anything compared to the bad times. I can't believe I wasted that much of my life over some asshole redneck that ain't ever gonna be worth anything. I loved him I really did, but he has made me hate him and I never wanna see his face again. and please guys don't leave me  a bunch of comments sayin why did you say that about alex cuz hes a great guy and everything but i'm really pissed right now and I just wish things wouldn't go so bad and congrats karla... you can have him, you did. and you probably deserve him more than anyone I know. I just wish that I could forget about us ever happening,if anyone has ever seen Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, ya know where they have their relationship erased so that they won't ever remember them again. Well thats what I wanna do right now. when you watch the movie ur like OMG i would never do that, but yea I seriously want to right now. He's caused me so many bruises and tears it ain't even worth it. 

But lets rewind back to where I actually had a good time tonight. I went to Olivia's dance recital tonight and she did wonderful** and now I'm sitting here with a top hat on actin like slash lol, that dudes awesome! haha But anyway I'm gonna go and cry with liv....cuz life sux...........nothin really happened yesterdat cept went to the game and hung out wit ty and tanner the whole time** I love those guys!   Geena----out

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The movies with alex and Olivia*** [Sunday
8:58pm 28th]
[ mood | wonderful mood ]

Hey everyone that reads this thang*   
      Well Friday for starters Liv went home with me, and we went to Devin Stanley's 13th burday party and ate us some ice cream cake yum,yum! and then he took us home and we stayed up and watched Laguna Beach and then Liv fell asleep and I finally found my diary so I wrote about 3 pages in it HOORAY and then the next day Liv jus decided that she'd stay again and we thought that we would go to the movies and we wanted to see " Silent Hill" but do u kno that u have to be 17 to see an R rated movie in wise...lol well I didn't so we went to the 9 a clock show and we couldn't get in oh yea and alex went with us too lol.....and then we jus was like well,we'll jus see somethin else then. so we went and seen over the hedge.It was pretty good but the whole deal with the movie was a bunch of animals tryin to get food so that he could take it to a bear or somethin, it was boring---to me anyway Liv and al' liked it OF COURSE!!! and then we went to wal*mart  and we finally left and then we took alex home and by the time we got home it was 1:30 so we were pretty tired... then today we watched some of that movie I rented the other day and then she left. THEN like an hour later she called me and wanted me to come up, I swear that girl's crazy so I got margaret to run me up here and we got in the swimmin pool and it was 82* and real warm so we swam for about an hour or two and then we went ridin and got all muddy and now here I am updatin my journal and talkin to Ty on icq lol So I'm gonna go COMMENT IF YOU LOVE*****GeENa

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since school's been out... [Friday
1:48pm 26th]
[ mood | sore ]

Hey guys*  I'm so glad that school's out, I've been goin crazy with all those teachers MRS. KERN! haha, but yea I'm gonna miss everyone that's goin to highschool and I wish them the best of luck. Well Wednesday was youth and it was the last day for the eighth gradres so they won't be back anymore. I won't be surprised if cotton stops comin. But then Nikki came home with me from there and we went and rented "Just Friends" and it was pretty funny and those hott guys that I like were in it lol.... We satyed up till like 2:30 then crashed. The next day nothin much happened I fought with alex on the fone and tried not to make him kill himself...bout drove me nuts. Then Nikki went home cause I was gonna go over to Liv's and swim. Then we invited amber up and it was friggin cold, so we got out and went four wheeling with herbert and then just us and Liv bout threw me off a bunch of times and it was a blast. I got in a fight with Sam and Rikki on icq last night and guys I truly am sorry and I hope you can forgive me... so then we went to zzzzzzz. This mornin we got up and went swimmin... again too cold, got out and went 4wheelin AGAIN and then we jumped in the pool AGAIN and we are now jus sittin here tryin to figure out who jus got blood on the bed lol But I'm gonna go and I LOVE YOU GUYS and comment if you love****peace****Geena

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hey guys [Tuesday
5:04pm 23rd]
[ mood | chillin ]

welp....since I've updated last I've broke up with alex,got back together with him, cussed a bunch of ppl out, cried in public, bout punched someone's face in and wished I was dead...enuff for you??? airica hasn't got on my nerves much except for the fact shes dating chris and that makes me mad. lol But I guess we're ok now. Today was the 8th grade graduation and I bout cried, cotton did BIG TIME! alex came and I got to see him so that was a +.... and Karla said she thinks we should be friends the other day at the skating rink so I guess we're not fightin anymore,but me and her both kno that it won't last cuz we both get jealous of eachother... so I'm srry it's so short but I'm in a hurry. Comment if you love*** Peace * Geena

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lots *** enjoy [Tuesday
7:03pm 16th]
[ mood | flirty ]

hey peoples...
Well Friday Liv rode the bus home with me and then Beth came and picked us up and took us to liv's to go get ready to go skating. When we got there Chris E. came up and gave me this enormous hug so I satyed with him and talked awhile and then went with liv and chris r. and steven. We had a real good time, I beat cody at pool & chris haha...it was a blast...there is pictures of it on my info and/or on Liv's photobucket..there's one of chris' butt,but I think we didn't put it on there.lol I had a great time...untill the next day when airica came in and said to everybody that she was datin him (chris e.) and he broke up with melynda (however the hell ya spell it) and they've been datin 4ever and he broke up with her for lil skinnyass toothpick over here...sorry airica,it's jus that pisses me off. and I was like what the crap I mean he don't need her.It seriously pissed me off.but thats life I guess. but anyway that night after skatin me and liv went up amber's and stayed over there..it was me liv cotton ashley and amber and of course...CHUCK =] but then saturday went back down to liv's and then went home and I dunno what I'm gonna do this weekend prolly go hang out up at jamies and chris' I reckon and hope lol But later guys and leave me some comments. ---peace ** Geena

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omg,I've actually felt this way before..I LOVE this song!! [Tuesday
7:08pm 9th]
[ mood | jammin*** Panic at the disco!! ]

Is it still me that makes you sweat?
Am I who you think about in bed?
When the lights are dim and your hands are shaking as you're sliding off your dress?
Then think of what you did
And how I hope to God he was worth it.
When the lights are dim and your heart is racing as you're fingers touch your skin.
I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck
Than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me
Girl I was it look past the sweat, a better love deserving of
Exchanging body heat in the passenger seat?
No, no, no you know it will always just be, me

Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close?
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close?

So I guess we're back to us, oh cameraman, swing the focus
In case I lost my train of thought, where was it that we last left off?
(Let's pick up, pick up)

Oh now I do recall, we just were getting to the part
Where the shock sets in, and the stomach acid finds a new way to make you get sick.
I hope you didn't expect that you'd get all of the attention.
Now let's not get selfish
Did you really think I’d let you kill this chorus?

Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close?
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close?

Dance to this beat
Dance to this beat
Dance to this beat

Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster
Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster

I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck
Than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me
Girl I was it look past the sweat, a better love deserving of
Exchanging body heat in the passenger seat?
No, no, no you know it will always just be, me

Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close?
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Will you dance to this beat, and hold a lover close?

So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Dance to this beat
So testosterone boys and harlequin girls
Dance to this beat
And hold a lover close
Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster
Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster

******Geena**,tell me if ya like!

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Liv's,court,counseling,and thats about it [Saturday
9:27pm 6th]
[ mood | jus got done 4wheelin ]

hey guys!
  Well this weekend same ol same ol. Friday Liv came over and we went skating. steven,chris,and tokia were there,and tanner. Actually more than that but that's who we hung out with. Well Savannah pulled olivia's pants down in front of everybody omg it was so funny. *Bless her heart* but it was a laugh and the guys eyes widened as big as a whore's goose whole..lol I'm wierd. But anyway me and chris played pool and tokia stared at airtt's picture the whole night and she siad she still wasn't over him *Bless her heart*  But then we came home and went to sleep cuz we were super tired and then I came over here today and we've been 4wheelin all day long with amber and it was s0o0o0o much fun! we got all muddy and I looked like I was some black person. I sounded really racist right then,I'm not. But anyway we came back over her and I'm still froze. Now I'm watchin the goonies and it's hilarious. I havn't seen it in 4ever. Let's back it up....Thursday I didn't go to school cuz I had court,and then we went and ate at the huddle house....Chris E. was there,I think he like followed me from the courthouse over there cuz he went to court tooo. I think he got off probation YAy** Then Friday I went to school,but checked out because I had counseling. It was awful. It just makes me feel even worse,because it makes me think of how things used to be and how better things could be now. I laughed at first then I cried then I smiled and cried some more. The guy I went to was real nice but he jus rubbed a lot uh things in my face...he makes me feel like I'm gonna turn out like my mom and if that means getting put in a hospital cause you're so depressed or gettin put on so much medicine that you're out of it all the time,then NO I will not turn out like that and I will kill myself before it turns out that way. It's jus I don't wanna go back,but I've got an appointment set for june. which sux........I'll jus have to have my tear ducts (spell) be in action more often! But I hope it makes me feel better instead of worse. But anyway today Me and liv and amber played softball and I'm pretty good at catching it's jus I suck at hittin the ball! oh well. But I'm gonna go cuz liv finally got out of the shower so I'm gonna talk to her.. PLz leave me some comments!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!  I love you guys, Geena*Caitlin

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a bunch uh stuff [Tuesday
6:37pm 2nd]
[ mood | very happy ]

Well Friday was an ok day at school,but I'm sure that it was better for the 8th grade because they went to dollywood.But anyway Liv and Nikki went home with me and we didn't do much until it got dark.Then we went and built a fire outside and I threw a bunch of fire crackers in it and they bout scared margaret to death and she was inside,we could see her through the window and she jumped everytime OMG it was so funny.But then they went home the next day and I asked margaret if she could take me and margaret to norton.And she did. We didn't go a lot uh places,just to dad's cds and wal*mart. We seen a bunch of ppl there we knew. WE ran into tyler and "obviously" he hates alex so he didn't even say hi to me,then we ran into a bunch of other ppl. We had a real fun time,we goofed off and jus had a blast with eachother. He stayed till 11 o'clock and I didn't get up in the mornin for church cause I was too tired to get ready. Then that mornin I went to mom's and Jamie came down there for a while and made Zoe cry like 4 times (bless her heart) and then I went in and took a shower,bed,dreams,wake up to go to school the next morning,blah blah blah......then today I came home and made waffles,strawberry waffles that is. haha and then I watched "The Family Stone" and OMG it was so good and sooooooo funny. Anyone that hasn't watched it needs to as soon as ya can,haha It really is funny though.But THat's about it,and for the rest of the day---- go to mom's,take a shower,watch american idol and eat some ice cream and thats about it. Leave me some...Love Geena*

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Nikki spent the night,and liv's [Friday
7:17pm 14th]
[ mood | hyper ]

Well Thursday was a half day so that was a good thing. Nikki came over around 2:00 and we goofed off and jumped on the trampoline *MY FAVE* hehe and zoe made me really mad on the tramp so I pulled her pants down and lifted her shirt up,she got mad and started cryin.so I felt bad and then we got her back out there and me and nikki pulled our shorts down to our knees and jumped omg It was so funny. So then that didn't make her feel better so nikki chased her around the house,all the cars goin by,with her shorts down to her ankles and she tripped and fell and it was hilarious.I was followin right behind her and she made me laugh so hard I fell and I peed on myself..yea I kno how stupid but it was really funny.But now I'm at liv's and we're gonna stay up watchin scary movies and right now we're takin pictures and we jus got done ridin the go-cart. and I'm talkin to Nick on icq and nikki,rikki,and liv but thats about it....leave 'em! Geena

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went to alex's house [Sunday
3:46pm 9th]
[ mood | wish I was in bed ]

HEy guys,
Nothin much this weekend,everyone wanted me to do somethin with them but I hardly did any of it, Airica wanted me to come up to her dad's and I didn't go,Savannah wanted me to come up but I didn't go.Rikki wanted me to go bowlin with her but I didn't go,you get the deal...so I didn't do anything Friday just sat on the floor and watched "the Princess Bride" and ate cookie crisp, and cleaned my room a bit.Then Saturday I went over to alex's house at five and came home at 11. We watched tv,wrestled,played with pedro,listened to music,played the drums and slept lol oh yea and went up to his grans and seen his cousin aww he is the cutest lil boy and we talked to his sis for a while,we had a real fun time and I think he did too =] I love him so much but everyone (cept a few ppl) are tellin me I should get rid of him and iono what I'm gonna do,but jus cause ppl tell me things I ain't gonna listen I love him with all my heart and no matter what ppl tell me about him I always will and no matter what ppl say about me I will always no that if they jus sit there and waste there time typin about me I know that they must really love me to death and are VERY jealous of me or are jus too dang upset with theirselves to do it! I know who my real friend s are and I know who aren't but I would never ever talk about ppl as bad as I've been talked about because that is just to low for me to ever be...comment if u have somethin WORTH sayin

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my weekend was soooo long** [Tuesday
6:11pm 4th]
[ mood | my lungs hurts*hehe ]

hey guys 
  well this weekend was so crazy and I was very busy. First friday liv came home with me and Rikki Lynn came over and we got ready to go to the movies to see THe Hills Have Eyes which was real good but a lot of ppl said it wuz stupid but I didn't think so.Then we went to wal*mart and stuffed my face =]  Then we went home and stayed up watchin movies and crap.Next day Rikki had a b*ball game so me and Liv went with her and then to wal*mart again and picked up her glasses. she rode around in that lil motory thingy lol and it was crazy then we spent sum money in the arcade and went to some big restaraunt and stuffed our faces again. then we begged connie {her mom} to take us bowlin which she did YAY**** and that was fun and then after we left we called and asked 4 sum joe dude that wuz beside us cuz liv kinda had the hots 4 him it was funny** Then we went home,liv stayed again and we went to church the next day and Alex came home with me and stayed till 6:30 and we had a blast =] and then I went to abingdon and me dad and kristi went to the movies and seen V for Vendetta and It was real good then I missed school Mon. and went shoppin for outfits for their wedding and I picked me out some real purty stuff anyway I'm gonna go cuz Jamie wants to get home.....    Love and Peace*Geena

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Nikki's party**** [Tuesday
7:34pm 28th]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey Guys,
  Well Friday was Nikki's party she is gonna be the big 13 on April Fool's Day! That would be a bad day to have a B*day on lol....but anywho,me,Liv,and Clint rode the bus home with her Friday and went and ate,then we all packed up in her dads small TRUCK and rode to the bowlin alley,but first we picked up savannah. We bowled I won once and then savannah! woohoo*** it was fun and Nik and liv had blue streaks in their hair and I had red KIller lol but anyway we went to wal mart AND  rikki ,clint,vannah,me,nik ,and whoever else rode back with her.We dropped clint off at  his house cuz nikki didn;t want him to stay the nite even though her dad would've let him.....we went back to niks got in the hot tub and it was temp. was 103 shew it was hot but it felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! And then nikki and savannah attacked me with the febreeze and it absolutely smelt like someone was tryin to hide like some big sweat scene or somethin,but anyway I say that a lot haha** The next day I got up and we walked around and everyone left,I stayed wit nikki and got ready to go to norton and me and nik and her dad went and ate chinese and then we went to wal mart AGAIN and then we went and seen "she's the man" and it was absolutely hilarious lol,it made me giggle a few times but I was in a good mood,anyway dad came down with evan and omg,he started singin my humps and I bout died...I mean a five year old singin my humps---the part whatcha gonna do wit all that junk all that junk inside ur trunk lol***but Anyway  I'ma gonna go   Love and peace,comment~Geena

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